Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Archaeology: A Slow Fast Process

Today when we arrived at the site after we left early yesterday due to a storm, we had to bail out the units. Not much water was standing in the units so it took very little time. Then we got to work. The site is on its way to being finished and by Friday, hopefully, we will be able to see the floor of the structure.

 Bailing out soggy excavation units

Yesterday Scott Hammerstedt arrived at the camp and he and four field school students went to Ft. Towson to began the training for the gradiometer.  By they way they talk, it was a struggle to get it set up and to use it. We had to stay an hour later today when the Forest Service archaeologists came to see how the progress was going.  Dawn and Sara are still troweling down the middle unit and have uncovered another possible burned post. By the end of the week we should know if it truly is a burned post.

The Museum of the Red River Teen Camp students visited again today and they had the pleasure of shovel testing and sifting. Hopefully, they didn't wear their good school clothes today. Tomorrow is the half way point of this field season, and it doesn't seem like it has been that long.

Tomorrow people are going to start having to move some serious dirt. Like the title states, "Archaeology a slow fast progress," and it truly is. No matter how much you get done, there always will be objectives that will not get reached.

Rim sherd from the Block 1 Area

Truet Hinson, Alice Barrett, Kevin Logan, Cory Rosas

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