Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day full of rain

This morning everyone woke up to rain.  Despite the drizzle, everyone got up and ready to work and it had stopped by the time we got to the site.  Everyone worked fast and furious with the threat of an impending thunderstorm headed our way.  We found more chunks of charcoal that we believe are burned timbers from the structure.  We covered the chunks with back dirt, the dirt that has already been screened for artifacts, as a way to protect it.  We learned that the dirt could have prevent contaminants such as rain from getting into the charcoal and interfering with dates we would get from radiocarbon samples.   At 10:30 the rain caught up with us.  Elsbeth called it a day to protect the units from the rain.

Scott Hammerstedt, Sara Bagley, Sarah Dumas, and Truet went to Fort Towson to do some gradiometer work. 

From there we went to Idabel to visit the Museum of the Red River.  The museum had some very nice Caddo pots.  Most of the designs were geometric designs.  After all of the pieces of pottery we have found, it was nice to see how they fit together as whole vessels.  We also got to see different kinds of arrowheads and drills like we have been finding at the site.  We took a tour through the back of the museum and saw some engraved shells from Spiro used to convey the symbolic beliefs of the people living there.

Alice Barrett, Cory Rosas, Truet Hinson   

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