Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dreadful heat, Extra work

Goooood afternoon sports fans!! 

We had a great day at the site today.  Everyone spent the first half of they day troweling, while another group took off for some mapping and more profiling. 

It was slightly disheartening to learn that the dark stains in the Block 1 area were actually plow scars instead of potential structure walls like we had originally thought.  That didn't stop us!  Not even a moment later and our dear ol' buddy Adam noticed what could have been corners to the structure we've been looking for.

Plow Scar
About that time we broke for lunch, Brice had sardines...GROSS!!  After we got done eating Adam and Els told us that because of the potential corners of the structure we're now seeing, we are going to eventually need to open new units.  The only problem was the1000 lb. back dirt piles right where we need to open them.  The next hour or so was spent shoveling an insane amount of dirt from one pile and putting it all into new ones (which will probably have to be moved later, anyway). 

Once we got the back dirt piles moved it was back to our units to finish out the day with troweling.  At the end of the day we even made a new spider friend!  Seems like every day we find more and more wildlife that would make little children scream. We also find more roots that make archaeology students scream.

Back at Camp everyone breaks into groups to do assigned tasks. The most important one for the actual archaeological field school is artifact washing. Here Adam tells everyone to toss out all the pebbles and charcoal we painstakingly  made sure to put into the artifact bags.

Tune in tomorrow everyone!  More adventures to come from 34MC1030!! 

Nick Wood, Sara Bagley, Stefanie Matthews, and Trey Dunagan

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