Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh the Places We Go!

Welcome! You have tuned into your local blogging station of field schoolers with your host Jamie Haener. Here with me today are Shelby Richison, Adam Lane, and Jarrod McLaughlin. Today didn't start off like our normal Tuesdays out here in the field. Almost all of us woke up to a lightning storm. No worries though folks because we are all a-ok! The storms passed through by 5 am and after that the skies were clear and sunny. The day started off with some nice artifact washing in a competition for the coolest artifacts! The winners of the contest were Block 2 who cleaned some nice looking Archaic points.
For the second part of the day a group of us ended up at the local "place to be" Shelia's Cafe. Here is Adam Lane and Jarrod McLaughlin with a quick summary of Shelia's Cafe:  Shelia's is an economical place to run for food in the local town of Smithville. One can eat a hearty hamburger and fries for the low low cost of less $5. Below is a photo of a majority of our group who happened to end up at Shelia's unknowingly at the same time!

Let us not forget now our favorite place for milkshakes. CJ's Corner is the hopping place to be, each night they have someone from our field school group going to buy milkshakes and just to hang out. Some of our favorite pastimes at CJ's include checkers, frisbee, and accidentally thinking that the feeding trough is a wishing well.

Our feature trip for the day was a rain day field trip, after lunch, to the Choctaw Nation Museum. The museum was in a very nice building which used to be the Choctaw capitol. The museum helps all who go there learn about the times and trials of the Choctaw peoples. Outside of the museum was a very large and rather beautiful village reconstruction that is worth the visit. 

ATTENTION ATTENTION today big foot was said to be spotted by many passerby's in Shelia's Cafe. He was said to be about 6'7" and his head hit the ceiling. Below is a supposed photo of "Bigfoot" that was given to us by a local.

Okay, so it's just Justin, but at 6'7", it's an easy mistake.

Thank you for tuning in today to our field schooler update.  Please stop by tomorrow for another daily report!

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