Thursday, June 3, 2010

Storms on the horizon

Today we woke with a sense of impending rainy doom. Yet, all through the workday we were able to continue our digging with the slight overcast sky providing some heat relief.

Once again, it was slow going in Block 1 as we continued to trowel the units down in the structure area, in hopes of finding the level of the floor and any associated features.  One of the more interesting finds today was a large rock, adding to the collections of large, imported rocks on the structure floor. The rock, like most things we've uncovered might or might not mean something of cultural significance, but without finding the living floor of the house, we can't be sure. At any rate, it looks cool.

In other news, the time-out corner (this nickname is actually just because the unit is placed further away; we are not punishing them) continues to find Caddo artifacts in the unit we hoped would provide information about the Archaic component at the site.  Today, they troweled their floor to reveal a dark stain in the soil that appears to be a feature going into the east wall of the unit.  In the levels above the feature, they recovered pottery and three more small arrow points.  To get a better idea of the feature's dimensions, they opened a 1 x 2 m extension to the east. 

The week is almost over, two down, three to go!

Signing off,

Sara B. Stefanie M. Trey D. Nick W.

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