Monday, June 7, 2010

Wonkified: Desperation and Solace in South Eastern Oklahoma

The humidity was bad last night.  What new things will unfold today?  The thrill of finding artifacts that might shed new light on the Caddo culture of southeast portion of Oklahoma is a big deal and one taken seriously by everyone on board.

Justin Anderson still has the record on shovel tests. Mike Carlock has found the most projectile points. And everyone has found broken pottery and lithic pieces. The thrill of discovery is really the spirit of the adventure that is Field School 2010.

Today we had the pleasure of meeting with students from the Museum of the Red River Teen Camp, who had the pleasure of observing our efforts. Unfortunately rain had it's day. Prior to their arrival, Amanda Regnier announced that we should consider our colorful metaphors and watch our language. This soon was followed by a loud and thorough display of every four-lettered word that is conceivable to the human psyche. By lunchtime, as the water poured and the sky rumbled we retreated, running to gather the shovels and other equipment before the natural offensives had their way with our excavation.

Upon returning, artifacts were washed, meetings were held, and Elsbeth Dowd, Patrick Livingood, and Amanda Regnier gave us a brief history of the Caddo culture we were unearthing. After the lecture most of the parishioners were too tired and disjointed to stay awake, and napped in the pavilion.

Kevin Logan, Cory Rosas, Alice Barrett, Truett Hinson


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